About Meeke Consulting

The practice is under the direct control of Bill Meeke who has a track record in all of the areas discussed here. However, additional resources (both local and international) can be engaged and applied to any task where special expertise in a subject matter is required beyond the in-house experience Meeke Consulting has to offer.

In the aviation arena, Meeke Consulting has access to some of the most successful practitioners in the world, including people who have worked closely with the likes of Sir Richard Branson in the establishment of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America in London and San Francisco and David Neeleman in the start-up of JetBlue in New York.

Bill Meekeā€™s contacts extend widely throughout the aviation industry, from aircraft manufacturers (Airbus and Boeing through to corporate jet manufacturers), to aviation investors, airline CEOs, regulatory authorities and maintenance providers. This network is invaluable in researching problems, accessing data and developing solutions.

The consulting practice also maintains a wide network of contacts in the broader business community — covering economics, finance, banking, IT, insurance, retail, education and recruitment to mention just a few.

The spread of aviation activities have also given the practice close connections to the resources sector including the establishment and operation of numerous fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) contracts in Northern Australia and SE-Asia.