Consulting Services


Meeke Consulting has extensive experience in almost every aspect of the aviation business – be it commercial or operational, practical or regulatory.

The experience ranges from the procurement of aircraft including importation and certification by the regulatory authority, through to almost any application to which an aircraft can be applied (from airline through to covert surveillance), to the understanding if the critical drivers of the business and the design, implementation and use of internal systems.

We have worked with aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines, corporate aircraft operators, regulatory authorities, government agencies and business.

The Case Studies page will give you a brief look at the nature and diversity of projects we have worked on.


With experience in small family businesses through to the boardroom of publicly listed companies, Meeke Consulting can assist in many aspects of business growth, improved managerial control and problem solving – as well as special project management.

We can provide businesses and business owners with assistance in identifying and measuring the critical drivers in the success of their business, regardless of what that business does. We believe you can’t manage what you can’t measure – so we set about identifying the critical drivers of the business, working out how they can be measured and implementing routine reports that reflect the performance (sometimes daily) of those business drivers.

We can undertake small or large projects – from problem-solving through to the development of business plans and management of critical projects. Our experience has been invaluable in assisting businesses to identify the most productive opportunities to pursue, developing plans to grow the business and maintain control during periods of rapid growth.